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"The mind of the beginner is empty,
free of the habits of the expert,
ready to accept, to doubt,
and open to all the possibilities..."

-- Baker Roshi, forward to "Zen Mind, Beginners Mind".


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 February 12th, 2015

Next Meeting:    The next meeting is postponed while we look for a more central meeting location, to make it easier for our more remote members to make it to meetings on time. Past and current attendance seems to indicate that meeting in medford would make everyone a little bit happier. -- Sam Powers

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Install A
CD-R Drive

Install a low-cost CDr/RW drive under Linux and burn your own backup CD-Rs and audio CDs. -By Rik Nilsson

Get Certified
as a Linux
System Administrator

RPLUG presents the first of a series of articles chronicling the efforts of one of our members to achieve Linux certification. Linux certification, controversial though it is, can be valuable. Learn what to study, where to get tested, and how much it costs. -By Rueben Moore

NEW! Here we'll be posting reviews of useful hardware, software, and the latest Linux distribution releases with links to tips on how we installed and configured them. Here's a compact keyboard and an outstanding Linux reference.

Requests for tests and your reviews are welcome     --Rik Nilsson

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Software Association of Oregon
Rogue Valley Chapter

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